Tony Robbins Asks Everyone To "Storm Across A Bed Of Hot Coals" - Dozens Get Injured

Tony Robbins, the motivational speaker and author held an "Unleash the Power Within" seminar Thursday night in Dallas, and as a routine part of the seminar there was a fire walking event whereby participants walk over hot coals to practice mind over matter. It appears, however, that some attendees weren't quite focused enough that evening.

Dozens of people who attempted the feat were injured reports the Dallas Morning News, and Dallas Fire-Rescue paramedics were called to the Kay Bailey Hutchison just after 11pm where 30 to 40 people were seen onsite. The severity of the injuries was unknown, but most people elected not to be taken to the hospital said Fire-Rescue spokesman Jason Evans.

Pujan Patel from Dallas said thousands of people walked across the coals without a problem, and the people that burned their feet should have done a better job mentally preparing - "It was very easy, but there's always going to be 1 percent of people that are idiots"

Ah, the old "the beatings will continue until morale improves" point of view.

Zoe Tentoglou flew to Dallas from Sunnyvale, California to attend her first Robbins event and said that participants were told to repeat the phrase "cool mas" to themselves as they walked across the coals. "The crew walked us through every step. They were very cautious. They told us not to look at the coals as we walked across, to visualize walking across the coals, and then afterwards they sprayed our feet with water."


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Robbins's website says: "Overcome the unconscious fears that are holding you back. Storm across a bed of hot coals"

We can't help but liken this to central planning. Just as Tony Robbins asked people to walk across hot coals, and as a result people got burned, central planners are asking everyone to trust the process of monetary policies - and the world is getting burned. Sometimes, things such as overcoming fears by walking over hot coals and central planning entire global economies are best left in theory instead of practice.