The US Government Will Spend $1.25 Million To Develop A Propaganda Cartoon For Pakistan

As the US government cuts into people's social security payments in order to reduce costs, it is not lost on everyone that the US is simultaneously jacking up expenses for things such as massive warships that cost taxpayers $4.4 billion, and extending the war in Afghanistan which will cost another $10 billion.

However, it's not only the massive defense spending projects that the government does that bleeds US taxpayers dry, it's little one's as well. As the Washington Free Beacon reports, the State Department plans on spending $1.25 million in order to produce two 13-episode seasons of a superhero cartoon. Oh, and the cartoon will be "fully immersed in Pakistani culture" and will air on public television in Pakistan.

Why would the US government spend hard earned taxpayer dollars on a cartoon to be aired in Pakistan rational minds may wonder - why to engage in propaganda of course. The State Department's International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) division issued a grant solicitation for two seasons of an animated series in order to "promote security and stability" in Pakistan. To make a long story short, with the intended target audience being ages 14-25, the US is engaging in propaganda in order to try and deter teenagers in Pakistan from joining terrorist organizations.

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The show will attempt to present “positive messages” on the topics of gender equality, anti-corruption, and the “role of police in civil society.”


Other topics covered in the superhero cartoon include: “The promotion of non-violence in conflicts,” “women’s empowerment,” “the importance of living a healthy, drug-free lifestyle,” and “inter-faith peace and religious tolerance.”


The State Department said the mission of the International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs is to “minimize the impact of international crime and illegal drugs on the United States, its citizens, and partner nations by providing effective foreign assistance and fostering global cooperation.”


The agency hopes the superhero cartoon will appeal to teenagers in Pakistan and persuade them to not join terrorist organizations.

The State Department went to to say that "If youth are exposed to a character that models socially positive behaviors and values, then they are more likely to adopt those values and behaviors, making it less likely that they accept or promote extreme ideological views. Therefore, special emphasis needs to be placed on informing, educating, and positively influencing Pakistani youth, as they will shape the future of the country."

The State Department would make Joseph Goebbels very proud.

To the Free Beacon's point, the US government claims the "most effective response to terror and to hatred is compassion, it's unity, and it's love."

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Compassion, unity, and love... and if that doesn't work then the US will just use its military to topple the government. Either that, or the US will just export enough arms to those who will do the dirty work on its behalf.