What Changed? Bernie Sanders Will Vote For Hillary, Less Than 24 Hours After Saying "No"

On "The Late Show" on Thursday night, just last night, Bernie Sanders gave a clear "No" when asked if he was going to endorse Hillary Clinton, because Sanders wanted his supporters to be heard, and the Sanders camp wasn't sold on Clinton's ability to move in the direction that was necessary.

The next morning, like magic, Bernie pulled a Dennis Gartman, and flipped when he told MSNBC that he was going to vote for Hillary after all.

Host: "Are you going to vote for Hillary Clinton in November?"


Sanders: "Yes. I think the issue right here is I'm going to do everything I can to defeat Donald Trump."

Comments come 1:24 into the clip...

* * *

Although Sanders wouldn't specify whether his vote would be for Hillary or simply against Trump, we're curious what happened in less than 24 hours that caused the Vermont socialist to suddenly U-turn completely on the matter... and whether Bernie is next to join the speech circuit where he too will now be "earning" $250,000 per speech from evil capitalists like Goldman Sachs.