Calls For Texas Independence Surge After Brexit Vote

As expected, it didn't take long after the final Brexit results for demands for referenda to be put forth by the Netherlands, France, Italy and Scotland. While it's easy for Americans to fall into the "it can never happen here" mentality, The Mises Institute put forth a thought experiment that dispelled the notion that even if some states in the US wanted to become independent they would be too small to go it alone.

As a reminder, here is how some of the US states look when comparing state GDP to the GDP of other countries around the world. It's evident from this chart that the idea that some states would be too small to exist on their own isn't valid.

Here is another way to look at things, labeling each state to the foreign country whose GDP it matches.

The article points out that some states would be among the largest economies in the world if they were to leave the US.

Moreover, few Americans appreciate how enormous some American states are, especially the largest four states: California, Texas, New York, and Florida.


In terms of both population and GDP, California is about equal to Canada — and with much better weather. Texas is equal in economy and population size to Australia. Pennsylvania's economy is similar in size to Switzerland.


While secession of American states is often dismissed as absurd, there are few reasons to believe that a state like Texas - to name just one example - could not immediately transition from state to nation-state. With a large economy, port cities, oil, and easy access to European, Latin American, and even Asian economies by sea, economics arguments against such a separation fall flat. And of course, the success of smaller states like Norway, Denmark, and Switzerland illustrate that bigness is truly unnecessary. Naturally, many other states even beyond the biggest states — such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, North Carolina and others — could do the same. These states would all be among the largest economies on earth were they to leave the US.

With that in mind, we note fact that calls for Texas to become independent have surged in the wake of the Brexit vote.

As Vocativ reports, the site analyzed the use of "Texit" since the beginning of 2016, and found that the phrase exploded when the Brexit results were announced, as more than 5,800 people on Twitter used the phrase, a five-fold increase from the day before. 1,745 people tweeted about Texit between 7am - 8am London time, the hour when the final results were announced.

According to Vocativ, the largest group advocating for secession is the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM), which has been promoting its own version of Brexit called "Texit" over the past several weeks.

"The vast majority of the laws, rules and regulations that affect the people of Texas are created by the political class or unelected bureaucrats in Washington," said Daniel Miller, president of TNM.

Here is a screen shot from the group's Facebook page

* * *

The point is that as the Mises Institute showed, states such as Texas could in fact survive if ever a secession were to take place. If the UK referendum has taught us anything, it should be that the certainty of "it can never happen here" should now and going forward be taken with a Texas-sized grain of salt.

Here are some other "Texit" tweets from the past few days