Turkey Gloats: "The Crusader Union Falls Apart"

Earlier today, we showed the front pages of British newspapers on the first day after the historic Brexit referendum. Just as amusing front pages, howeve,  abound in Turkey and especially among the pro-government (and thus government-controlled) press, such as the Akit newspaper, which looks at the chaos in the UK and says "the Crusader Union falls apart" (somewhat ironic for the former Ottoman Empire).

As a reminder, many have noted that the Brexit referendum was not about economic issues as much as about immigration, and not one country received more attention than Turkey, whose EU-membership may have been the key variable that sealed the outcome of the referendum vote. Recall that while David Cameron was assuring voters that "Turkey would not join the EU until the year 3,000", it turned out to be a lie when it was revealed that Europe was actually holding Turkish accession talks as soon on June 30.

For now Turkey may have won the battle...

... But it has almost certainly lost the war, as every other Europen nation will now be terrified of a similar popular uprising and referendum outcome should other countries support Turkey's EU membership.

Which, of course, is the worst possible news for Angela Merkel, because if and when Erdogan realizes that his latest hope to become part of Europe has again been dashed, he will have no problem with unleashing the millions of Syrian refugees currently held back by Turkish borders, and send them right inside Germany, leading to Europe's next migrant crisis - likely in the last months of 2016 - which in turn will lead to the full suspension Europe's customs union, and yet another nail in the coffin of the European "union."