Hillary's Lead Over Trump Is Either 1% Or 12% Depending On Which Poll You Believe

How is the US presidential election shaping up in the polls? Well, it depends on which media outlet one chooses to rely on. There have been two new polls released recently by major media outlets, each with vastly different results, which incidentally should not come as a surprise those who bet on a sure thing Brexit "reamain" outcome based on such things as "odds" and "polls",  only to lose money.

An ABC/Washington Post poll shows that Hillary Clinton has a dominating 12 percentage point lead over Donald Trump among registered voters. The poll was conducted June 20-23, and included 836 registered voters.

The poll also reiterates Clinton's campaign narrative that Trump isn't qualified to be president.

On the other hand, the WSJ ran a poll during the same time period, June 19-23, and after asking 1,000 registered voters the outcome was significantly different. The WSJ shows that Trump only trails Clinton by just 5 percentage points. The same polls shows, that if another third party candidate is introduced, Trump is essentially tied with Clinton.


Alas, how the candidates are faring thus far in the view of the public depends on which media outlet one chooses to believe, very much like the case of Brexit. Either Trump trails by double digits as the ABC/WaPo poll shows, or Trump trails by 5 percentage points as the WSJ shows, and may even be tied if an indepdent candidate is there to take away Hillary votes. We would remind readers that the Jeff Bezos and his Washington Post have made taking down Donald Trump a top priority, having devoted an entire team that will solely focus on Trump and all aspects of his life.

Another important thing to remember at the moment is that these polls were prior to Brexit results. Trump and Clinton have both made a strong push to sway the voters as a result of that historic event, and we will look forward to the next round of polling to find out if either have been successful in swaying voters. Speaking of Brexit, it is also very important to remember that polls should always be taken with a healthy degree of skepticism - other than the fact that the elites can indeed be defeated, that is also what we can learn from Brexit.