"Helpless In The Face Of British Chaos" - What French And German Newspapers Are Saying Today

With headlines and soundbites now emerging from today's Brussels summit where David Cameron is the star attraction, here is how both the British referendum as well as the EU summit are being viewed elsewhere in Europe.

First, here is a snapshot from the German newspapers.

  • The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung says the referendum has become a "bad joke" and accuses the Brexit camp of having no strategy.
  • Left-wing Tageszeitung says Chancellor Merkel is "biding time as usual" but her SPD coalition partners and other EU states are "piling on the pressure". 
  • Finally, Die Welt says billionaire investor George Soros is betting 100m euros against Germany's top Deutsche Bank which is vulnerable in the "Brexit storm".

And now, here are the French:

It would appear that there is much disunity even among the press of a united Europe.

Source: BBC