WTF Chart Of The Day: When Central Planning Fails

Things have not been going according to plan for Kuroda-san and his policy-making 'Peter-Pan's in Japan. Since The Bank of Japan unleashed NIRP on its 'saving' community - which, according to the textbooks would force money to reach for riskier investments, pumping stocks up, or flush cash into inflationary consumption - stock prices have collapsed and bond prices have exploded... In fact, in six months, bonds are outperforming stocks by a central-bank-credibility-crushing 70%!!!

Rate cuts...not working

h/t @jsblokland

And it's not just The BoJ that is struggling - since The Fed hiked rates, The S&P is down 3.5% and Treasuries are up 16%!!


2016 - The year when the central-planners were finally exposed!!