"Uncounted!" - The True Story Of The California Primary

Authored by Yves Smith via NakedCapitalism.com,

This documentary on the California primary is very disturbing. It has accounts from numerous poll workers of voters being told that the computer system showed specific voters as having requested to vote by mail, which meant they were supposedly mailed a ballot. Not only did many say they never got a ballot, many said they had never signed up to vote by mail. And this includes voters who said they had never heard of vote by mail.

Those voters who showed up at the polls who were listed as “vote by mail” would only be given provisional ballot. On top of that, if they were registered “no party preference” they would have to ask specifically for a “crossover ballot” in order to vote. In fairness, I was told that many poll workers were more helpful, but this description from Greg Palast makes clear how the intent was to suppress their vote:

This is from the official [California] Election Officer Training Manual page 49:

“A No Party Preference voter will need to request a crossover ballot from the Roster Index Officer. (Do not offer them a crossover ballot if they do not ask).”

They’re not kidding. Poll worker Jeff Lewis filed a description of the training in an official declaration to a federal court:

Someone raised their hand and asked a follow-up question: ‘So, what if someone gets a nonpartisan ballot, notices it doesn’t have the presidential candidates on it, and asks you where they are?’ The answer poll workers are instructed to give: ‘Sorry, NPP ballots don’t have presidential candidates on them.’ That’s correct: even when people ask questions of that nature, obviously intending to vote with a party.

Remember, “no party preference” voters were expected to skew heavily to Sanders. In addition, there are first person accounts of voters who were registered as Democrat listed at the polling station as “no party preference” or Republican, or similarly that their party preference had been switched when they got their mail-in ballot.

Moreover, if someone filed a provisional ballot and there was a ballot mailed in for them, the vote by mail ballot takes precedence. Doesn’t this seem like a prescription for fraud?

As Inqusitr reveals, Secretary of State for California Alex Padilla has until July 15 to certify the vote results for the Hillary Clinton versus Bernie Sanders primaries that took place on June 7. In the meantime, voters in California have been waiting for paper mail-in ballots to get counted.

Interestingly, it is these paper mail-in ballots that have caused Alex Padilla to get sued for the second time for election fraud. It is related to the first lawsuit against Alex Padilla for election fraud because it concerns the mail-in ballots that got mixed up in California.


Adding to the confusion in social media about what exactly Alex Padilla is in trouble for, there was a Snopes report from June 15 that highlighted the misleading nature of a “Stanford University study” about election fraud “through exit polls discrepancies” in California.


Although it was a “paper” by grad students and not a study published with peer review on an academic level, Snopes explains the paper “[asserts the authors of the paper] uncovered information suggesting widespread primary election fraud favoring Hillary Clinton had occurred across multiple states.”


On June 15, Heavy reported about how California voters could protect votes from election fraud and gave details about how election fraud occurs so that it can be reported.


On June 22, the Washington Post somewhat eschewed the idea of election fraud in California by Alex Padilla because there is still time left for the vote count and quoted long-time journalist Greg Palast, who stated the following.


“I can tell you this: Senator Sanders won California. Let me do the math for you. Most of those late mailed-in ballots were what are called NPP, No Party Preference. These independent ballots were the ones that came in late because people had to switch their ballots. It’s a complex process, in California, that’s all I can tell you. The late ballots are Sanders ballots.”

Put down all sharp objects and refrain from having any food or liquids in your mouth...

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