She Said, He Said - Clinton Vs. Comey

In what has become a laughable attempt at pretending the Clintons were unable to influence the FBI to not bring charges; we now know that she did everything she said she didn't do.  As we noted earlier,  from Giuliani to Ryan, the comments and responses to the Presser earlier were everywhere to be found.

And only a week after we all learned of the Bill/Loretta meeting on the runway, we learn that along with HIllary committing no action that the FBI could find reason to bring criminal charges against, we also discover that she lied in complete lock-step with the very actions Jim Comey was highlighting.

To make it real clear for everyone, here is ReasonTV with a side-by-side audio/video comparison of what Hillary said in March 2015 and what we all heard today from the FBI's Comey: