"Sex Sale" - How Brazil's Prostitutes Prepare For The Olympics

Just when you thought you were safe in your sewage suit, the unique Petri dish that is Rio offers up discounted sex in an effort to boost Olympic same store sex sales.  As the story goes, according to Yen, prostitutes in Rio are so upset by the revenue turnout from the 2014 World Cup that for the 2016 Olympics they want to cut prices to boost volumes.  All of this is taking place in Vila Mimosa which is Rio's well-known T&A center, with some 3,000 ladies "working" 70 bars.

"Sex workers in the city's notorious Vila Mimosa zone claim that, despite high expectations in the run-up to the the football games, business was very poor.  The Vila Mimosa is Rio's oldest and largest prostitution zone, where over 3,000 women offer their services in more than 70 bars and nightclubs situated around a busting marketplace."

**Zooming in on the flyer shows the discounts be offered:

In a city where just yesterday we were highlighting the fear of river bacteria and fecal pools drove residents and potential tourists' skin crawling, we now have discounted sex as business dries up:

"Aline, who worked the red light district for 12 years, claims that before Brazil's economic crisis she would manage six to eight clients a day, but today she is lucky to find even one during her 12-hour shift."

Naturally, when the numbers evaporate like that, the economic impact on the micro level is real.  Making matters worse, Brazil's economy is falling apart and the inflation problems, food theft issues (recall also Venezuela's truckers writing "no food on-board"), and economic collapse are not helping the citizens who were already pressed to afford a standard of living before this utter disaster unfolded.

How the mighty have fallen...