"They Mutilated, Cut Up Corpses" - Former Member Shares Experience With ISIS

Nobody is under any illusions that ISIS is a nice bunch of people, after all we recently reported that ISIS froze its own members to death for trying to defect, and even killed its own members to sell organs in order to raise cash - those acts are just small examples of the violence the group undertakes.

However, we learn firsthand just how horrifically brutal the terror organization can be, courtesy of RT.

RT sat down to an interview with a man calling himself Zurab, who once protected one of the Islamic State's most wanted leaders but later escaped the organization.

Zurab was convinced to join the group after watching propaganda videos.

"We watched promo videos of women, children and elderly people crying out, 'where are you, Muslims? Why are you hiding? When Muslim blood is being spilled, you decide you want to be a pacifist?' I had feelings of guilt, compassion and responsibility. We went there not because we knew the facts but because of our emotions."

The path to ISIS led through Turkey...

"We bought a ticket to Istanbul, where we were met by a man from Dagestan. He put us on a bus to the Syrian border, at night we crossed over."


"They met us and took us to a 'Sharia house' where we waited to be transported to the training camp. It was in the village of Atme."

After just a month, Zurab was fully immersed in just how brutal ISIS is.

"After a month, we understood the reality of what was happening. It was worse than the tyranny of the government forces."


"They were extremely brutal, killing women and the elderly who did not obey them. They abused and mutilated their dead bodies. They cut up the corpses, tied them to the back of the cars and dragged them along."

Christians were targeted particularly for additional cruelty.

"They would not even talk to Christians, Christians would be killed on the spot. They would find them and publicly execute them, I witnessed many executions."

After all of that, Zurab had enough and began to plan how to escape the group.

"We decided to win their trust, that was the only way to escape. We became bodyguards."


"I was a bodyguard for Abu Omar al-Shishani"

"I escaped by saying I had to see my mother. I lied to her the whole time, saying I was in Turkey, and so I said I wanted to put her mind at ease."


"I took some money from them, I said I could bring stuff back with me. Omar gave me money, too, and asked me to get him some things."

When Zurab returned home he turned himself in to authorities, was tried, and found guilty of being part of an illegal armed group. According to RT, Zurab claimed that he didn't kill civilians, and it was upheld in court. Ultimately, Zurab was given a five year suspended sentence.

Full Interview below: