Startling Videos Capture What Motorists Do Inside Tesla Self-Driving Cars

As reported two days ago, following the deadly crash involving a Tesla self-driving car, another Tesla was allegedly involved in a car which in autopilot mode, a troubling development for Elon Musk coming at a time when the NHTSA is now openly probing the Tesla auto pilot feature, and which has also led to a vocal war of words on Twitter between Musk and Fortune magazine. 

Through this ongoing scandal, Musk's defense has been a simple one: the auto pilot feature (still in beta) is not meant in any way to reduce driver vigilance and their attention to driving: "The autopilot does not turn a Tesla into an autonomous vehicle and does not allow the driver to abdicate responsibility."

But what really happens inside the car? 

As the following compilation of clips reveals, drivers in self-driving cars do anything but: from playing patty cake to taking part in arm wrestling matches, these motorists appear to be concentrating on anything but the road. The startling videos posted to YouTube show people lounging around while their self-driving cars do all the work.


h/t @WallStCynic