Deutsche Bank Gives Up: "We Can't Think Of A Time The S&P Was More Disjointed From Everything"

When sellside strategists, such as Deutsche Bank's David Bianco, throw in the towel and the best they can come up with is a 100 word admission that nothing makes sense anymore, and that the S&P has never been "more disjointed from other assets", it's either a time to sell everything... or buy anything.

From DB:

For many years we've watched a set of market based indicators across seven major asset classes to help gauge cyclical conditions and S&P reward/risk. We can't think of a time the S&P was more disjointed from these other asset class price moves than in recent days. While we believe interest rates have shifted structurally and thus discount falling rates and a flatter curve as signs of recession, indeed many of our signal criteria need recalibration, recent swings across asset classes still warrant caution and do have direct negative implications for S&P EPS. Offsetting PE upside is unlikely until norms are reestablished and the economic relationships better understood.

And here are some random charts to make it seems like there is some signal in the infinite noise that the Fed has created with its constant meddling.


And this is what DB's 7 cross-asset "signals" indicate: