Majority Of Americans 'Disapprove' Of Comey's Decision On Hillary

A majority of Americans disapprove of FBI director James Comey’s recommendation that Clinton not be charged with a crime over her email arrangement, by 56-35. But, perhaps unsurprisingly, as WaPo reports, there is a striking difference between Republicans and Democrats as cognitive dissonance in the latter seems extreme given that about two-thirds think the issue of Hillary's "extremely reckless, unsophisticated" history is unrelated to what she'd do as president.

Further, the new ABC News/Washington Post poll finds the issue leaves them worried about how she'd handle her responsibilities as president if elected.


However, as we noted, reaction to the decision is highly political, with partisanship factoring heavily in people’s views. Yet Democrats don't back Clinton up on the issue nearly as much as Republicans criticize her, and independents side more with Republicans.

Nearly nine in 10 Republicans disagree with the FBI's decision and say it worries them about what she’d do if she became president.


Democrats see things very differently, but with less unanimity –- about two-thirds approve of the decision not to charge Clinton and think the issue is unrelated to what she'd do as president. But three in 10 of Clinton’s own party faithful think she should have been charged.


Further, as noted, political independents side more with Republicans on the issue, with roughly six in 10 saying the FBI was wrong and that the issue raises worries about Clinton as president.

So to clarify, two-thirds of Democrats believe that "reckless, extreme carelessness" in handling classified documentation in no way changes their opinion on how Hillary Clinton will act if elected President?

Questions about Clinton's character have been a key weakness of her candidacy. Americans by broad margins have said they don't regard her as honest and trustworthy... and perhaps most worrying for the Clinton campaign is among independents, those numbers are 59-31 disapprove' and 63-34 worry about how she'd handle the presidency.