California Councilwoman Suggests Dead Dallas Cops Got What They Deserved

Just a few short days after five Dallas officers were murdered in a horrific shooting, Reinette Senum - a Nevada City, California Councilwoman - posted her thoughts on the shooting to the politically-correct Facebook, proclaiming "this was completely incited by America’s police force."


The controversial community leader has been asked to resign after suggesting that the Dallas Police Department got what they deserved.

As CBSLocal reports,

The Placer County Sheriff’s Association issued the following statement after the councilwoman implied Dallas Police brought such horror on themselves:


“The situation really speaks for itself. Reinette has the absolute right to express her opinion; however, we find her statement to be offensive to the men and women that protect their communities and especially to those that have sacrificed their lives for a noble cause. We would expect someone that has a position of leadership in their community to use that platform to bring unity, not division. We are very disappointed that she wasted that opportunity and decided she should attack the very people that would protect her despite her position.”


Many Californians have begun to question her ability to lead; with one resident saying, “This is hardly behavior fitting of a civic leader. She needs to resign immediately for such reckless behavior.”

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With four more months until the elections, we suspect the actions of many will get considerably worse as the rhetoric of some becaomes increasingly divisive.