French Prime Minister Slammed For Saying "France Will Have To Live With Terrorism"

In the aftermath of last night's latest tragic terrorist attack in Nice, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls made the statement: “Times have changed, and France is going to have to live with terrorism, and we must face this together and show our collective sang-froid,” he said. “France is a great country and a great democracy and we will not allow ourselves to be destabilized.”


Perceiving this is a preliminary admission of retreat against terrorism, social media reacted with furious anger to the PM's assertion that France “will have to live with terrorism.” Users shamed the PM, saying that more people apparently need to be killed in terror attacks to wake up the French government.

Some examples of people who now longer believe in #hastag diplomacy included @DamienLcc  who wrote that "The government is “unable to protect French people,” while @lazgougeon added that the nation doesn’t have “to get used to the incompetence of our leaders!”


Others were incredulous: “What? More people should be killed to wake you up, fool!” @MathiasLiurno added.

Some called on Valls to resign after uttering such words

“You don’t have any shame?” “It gave me chills.” “The sword of Damocles over our heads” – these were the angry comments on social media.

“This phrase [Valls’] is horrible. We don’t want to live with terrorism, we want to live in peace," @FlowerofFields added.

Trolled were also present  “Okay this is reassuring” “Best sentence of the day, again congratulations Mr. Valls” “Thanks Mr.Valls.”


Whether this was just the latest diplomatic faux pas by the young and inexperienced PM, or a true admission that radicalized Islam now has the upper hand in France, and elsewhere, is unknown but what is clear is that the European response to the surge in regional terrorism has so far failed to yield results, whether on purpose or not, and that a far greater escalation in the conflict is imminent. What is troubling is that such an escalation which will trigger even more violent retaliation by radicalized forces.

And so, having stirred the hornets' next when he sided with "coalition" forces in attacking ISIS - an ISIS which was unleashed with the purpose of destabilizing the Syrian regime and has now failed in this mission and so finds foreign conduits to its aggression - Hollande now finds himself with no way out.