Man Dies After Being Shot In The Head At "Stop The Violence" Rally In Ohio

At around 9pm last night a 19-year-old man was shot in the head during at a "Stop the Violence Beach Party" in Euclid, Ohio. As KMOV reports, this shooting followed an earlier shooting which killed one man (and wounded a 12 year old boy) at the rally with around 250 people present. Sadly, and darkly ironic, the 3rd victim has now died.

The fatal shooting occurred yesterday at Sims Park Beach in Euclid (23131 Lakeshore Blvd). As Breaking 911 reports,

The shooting occurred during an impromptu, resident-organized “Stop the Violence Beach Party.” There were approximately 200-300 in attendance at the party.


A crowd had gathered on the beach. Shortly after 8pm, unknown suspects fired shots and then fled on foot. Although the intended target is unknown, a nineteen year old Euclid man was struck in the head and killed by the gunfire. A twelve-year old Euclid boy was struck in the back by the gunfire and was hospitalized for treatment. His condition is currently unknown.


Later the same evening, shortly after 9pm, an eighteen year old Euclid man was walking nearby in the area of 24000 Lakeshore Blvd. An unknown suspect fired multiple gunshots at the victim from across the street, striking the victim in the shoulder. The victim was hospitalized for treatment and his condition is unknown.


No other injuries were reported in either incident and no arrests have been made. Police are investigating the possibility that the two incidents are related.

Perhaps what we need is more Hillbama calls for 'civility'.