Turkey Denies Reports Of Explosion, Says Building Caught Fire, Blaze Under Control

Update: A huge fire erupted in a residential building in the Turkish capital of Ankara on Tuesday, an official said as cited by Reuters. Earlier Sky News Arabia reported that a huge blast had hit the city.

Images of a massive black cloud of smoke rising above Ankara emerged on social media, as the city recovers from Friday’s attempted coup.

The incident reportedly happened near one of the city's universities.


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Moments ago Turkish assets took another leg lower following local press reports of a massive explosion rocking Turkey's capital Ankara. According to initial unconfirmed reports, the explosion may have taken place at a local TV station.

According to the first official reports, Turkish Kurryiet says the smoke in Ankara is from a fire, not an explosion, although that would not explain the numerous ear-witness reports of, well, an explosion.

The Turkish currency, already weaker on the day, has tumbled more, and is approaching post-coup lows.

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