Donald Trump Rejects Melania Speech Writer's Resignation

Following calls yesterday for the Trump campaign to "fire somebody," over the Melania-speech-plagiarism debacle, Meredith McIver - the Trump staff-writer responsible for the 'passages' from Michelle Obama's speech - has offered her resignation... but Donald Trump rejected it as an "innocent mistake.". McIver's statement notes "no harm was meant" to Michelle Obama.

This rejected resignation comes after calls from various establishment Republicans to "fire somebody" over the debacle...

The Donald Trump campaign should take action against whoever is responsible for the similarities between Melania Trump’s address at the Republican National Convention and Michelle Obama’s convention speech in 2008, some Republicans gathered here said Tuesday.


Trump’s ex-campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, on CNN called for his one-time rival Paul Manafort to resign if he was the last person to sign off on Trump’s primetime speech. Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said the speechwriter should probably be fired.


And Donald Trump’s presidential rival-turned-surrogate Ben Carson said the author of the speech should have to undergo some kind of media training.

Full statement


As Politico notes, McIver is listed as a co-author, i.e. ghostwriter, on several of Trump's books, including "How to Get Rich" and "Think Like a Billionaire."


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