Clinton Lead Surges In Latest Poll As Trump "Bounce" Fades; Dead Gorilla Gains

Pick your poll: Trump +3, Clinton +5, Clinton +1, Trump +4, Clinton +7. As The DNC ended, and Reuters 'tweaked' its polls, so narrative-confirming polls are being rushed out to maintain Hillary's momentum against Trump. Trump's post-convention bounce has been erased with Hillary surging to a 7-point lead according to the latest CBS News poll (with a reported 90% of voters confirming their minds are made up). But perhaps more reflective of today's distracted citizenry, Harambe - the dead Cincinnati Zoo gorilla - is polling at an unprecedented 5%, better than Green party's Jill Stein (though still less than 'Giant Meteor').

Trump's bounce is dead.

Source: RealClearPolitics

As The Hill reports,

Clinton has 46 percent support among voters nationwide while Trump has 39 percent support, according to the poll.


Last week's poll showed both candidates tied with 42 percent following the Republican National Convention.


Clinton's 4-point bounce following the convention is similar to those President Obama received in 2012 and 2008, but falls short of the convention bounce her husband saw in 1992.

Clinton leads Trump among women and Trump holds his lead among men. The GOP nominee also has an advantage among whites without a college degree and Clinton leads among whites with a degree.


Clinton now has the support of more than 80 percent of Democrats and 73 percent of Bernie Sanders voters  said they plan to vote for Clinton in November.

But both mainstream party candidates have a new rival to worry about. As The NY Daily News reports...

A new poll shows that, in a presidential election with historic hate for both major party nominees, Harambe — the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla who was shot and killed in May after an infant fell into his enclosure — would fare pretty well as an independent contender.



A survey released Saturday by Public Policy Polling asked voters to consider the slain primate as a hypothetical third-run spoiler to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee — both of whom have earned all-time highs of unlikeability in polls.


Five percent of respondents said they would cast a ballot for President Harambe. Though not a major margin, 5% is greater than the support shown for Green Party candidate Jill Stein — who earned only 2% support in the poll. It nearly matches support for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, who has 6% support.


Five percent of voter support is also unprecedented for a candidate who is a gorilla, and is dead.


The poll also shows that, while voters aren’t exactly going ape for Harambe, they don’t hate him as much as they hate Trump and Clinton.


Harambe, however, is still not as possible as another election outcome: A meteor hitting the Earth. A survey Public Policy Polling survey showed that 13% of voters preferred "Giant Meteor" to Trump and Clinton.


It appears de Tocqueville was correct, people reallh get the government they deserve.