At Least 21 Killed After Massive Explosion At Chinese Cehmical Plant

Almost exactly one year after China's port city of Tianjin was rocked by a massive explosion on August 12 that resulted in hundreds of casualties, and left parts of the town looking like a "warzone", moments ago China's CCTV reported that at least 21 people have been killed and 5 wounded in a blast at a chemical plant in Dangyang, located in central China, according to state broadcaster CCTV.

According to AP, which has a somewhat conflicting version of event, the event took place at a power station, where it was caused by the explosion of a high-pressure steam pipe The blast occurred at a power plant in the city of Danyang, according to a report on the website of the Hubei Daily. It said officials rushed to the site to oversee rescue efforts and the cause of the explosion was being investigated. 

China continues to suffer from frequent industrial accidents despite a central government-ordered drive to upgrade safety in factories, power plants and mines.

Those efforts were redoubled after a massive series of explosions at a chemical warehouse in the eastern port city of Tianjin a year ago killed 173 people — mostly firefighters and police — in one of China's worst-ever workplace accidents. In June, an accident at an aluminum refinery in central China killed 11 workers.