Muslims "Blame Trump" After New York Imam Assassinated In Broad Daylight

A lone gunman opened fire on a Queens' imam and his assistant as the two walked (near Ozone Park mosque in New York) after Saturday afternoon prayers, leaving one dead and the other critically wounded.

As NY Daily News reports, dozens of angry Muslim men gathered at the murder scene, with one exclaiming “That’s not what America is about...we blame Donald Trump for this... Trump and his drama has created Islamophobia.”

The gunshots rang out near the Al-Furqan Jame Masjid Mosque in Ozone Park, leaving both men lying on the ground in their own blood just a block from the house of worship, according to witnesses.

Witnesses described a chaotic scene where the shooter started firing at the two unarmed victims in the middle of a blistering August afternoon.


“We are devastated,” said Kobir Chowdhury, president of a second neighborhood mosque. “We needs to get to the bottom of this. We need to know if they did this just because of our religion.”


Another witness said the gunfire seemingly came from nowhere.



“All of a sudden I heard five shots,” said the witness, who declined to give his name. “I knew it wasn’t firecrackers. And then the commotion of the emergency (vehicles), and that’s when I knew.


“When I came here, they were doing CPR to both of the people on the ground.”

Blame for the assassination was quickly placed squarely on Donald Trump's shoulders...

Dozens of angry Muslim men gathered at the murder scene, making it clear they believed the shooting was a hate crime — with the two religious leaders specifically targeted.



“That’s not what America is about,” said local resident Khairul Islam, 33.


“We blame Donald Trump for this ... Trump and his drama has created Islamophobia.”

And with that, the narrative is set for tomorrow's political talk-shows.