Subprime Auto Loans Go Mainstream: Exposing The Shady Practices For "Everyday" Americans

While the pending subprime auto loan bubble pop is nothing new for our readers, it may be a shocking revelation for the average American who would fall victim of these scams. British comedian John Oliver has prepared a video that places in evidence the rampant fraud that currently takes place in the auto lending sector. The similarities between this industry and the mortgage industry pre-2007 are striking.

The video compiles some of the current TV ads for the segment, including one from Viers Auto Sales, that should strike fear down your spine. Even a clown can get approved.

While the Obama administration has created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, we have yet to see any action from them or other social justice warriors like Elizabeth Warren on cracking down on these predatory practices.

Some of the video highlights include:

  1. A woman asking for a maximum $3,000 car loan ends up on the hook for a $13,000 loan (paying ~30% interest).
  2. A car who leaves her baby in the car, and then gets her car repossessed with said baby inside.
  3. A 2003 Kia Optima car that gets loaned and repossessed at least 8 times, each times valued at 2-3x its previous estimate.
  4. Approximately 31% of subprime auto loans are currently non-performing

Evidently, we have learned nothing from the 2008 crisis.