The Fed Now Has Its Own Facebook Page

The Fed may have gotten everything wrong, as recent "research" by John Williams confirmed earlier this week, but when it comes to what's important the Fed is right on top of things. Things like starting its own Facebook page.

From the Fed:

The Federal Reserve Board launched a Facebook page Leaving the Board on Thursday with the aim of increasing the accessibility and availability of Federal Reserve Board news and educational content.


Posts will include press releases, speeches, testimony, reports, educational materials, frequently asked questions, photos, and videos. 


With the launch of its Facebook page, the Board now shares information on five platforms including Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and LinkedIn.


The Board's website,, will remain its primary channel of communication. Selected announcements will be shared on Facebook after they are first posted on the website.


For media inquiries, call 202-452-2955.

From the Facebook page:

Did you know the Board of Governors--located in Washington, D.C.--is the governing body of the Federal Reserve System?


The Board is run by seven members, or “governors,” who are nominated by the President of the United States and confirmed in their positions by the U.S. Senate. The Board of Governors guides the operation of the Federal Reserve System to promote the goals and fulfill the responsibilities given to the Federal Reserve by the Federal Reserve Act.


All of the members of the Board serve on the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), which is the body within the Federal Reserve that sets monetary policy.

We expect many just as important photos of Janet Yellen's many cats, and various meals to become available soon, if sadly none of the NY Fed's E-mini trading desk.