Nigel Farage Cheers "Anti-Establishment" Victory At Trump Rally - Live Feed

(In)famous British politician Nigel Farage will address a Trump rally in Mississippi tonight, telling "the story of the Brexit campaign," explaining to the audience "how the anti-establishment can beat the establishment." While Farage is not expected to directly endorse Trump, Sky reports that the Brexiteer railed against the political classes on local Mississippi radio today, and compared Mr Trump's popularity with the "silent majority" of the British people who voted for Brexit.

As Reuters notes, once dismissed by then-prime minister David Cameron as the leader of a party mostly consisting of "fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists", Farage had his revenge when the June 23 Brexit referendum went his way, forcing Cameron to resign.  And now, as Sky notes, Farage exclaims that just as Brexiteers mobilized a "people's army", so too can Mr Trump in the United States.

Mr Farage told the show: "I'm telling a story about Brexit, and it's a story that if the grassroots Republicans pick up, and if they understand that what they've got to do is not just sit in their armchairs, they've got to get out, put their walking boots on, deliver leaflets, go out and meet these people in the communities.


"In a sense what I'm saying is that we mobilized a people's army in the United Kingdom that went out and spoke to everybody and got them down the polls, the same thing can happen here."


Mr Farage accused President Barack Obama of having "talked down to the British people" by telling them how to vote in the referendum.

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Trump's new campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, on Monday told the U.K.'s Channel 4 that polling for the Brexit, which showed a majority in favor of staying in the EU, is analogous to recent polls that show Trump losing to Clinton. As The Hill reports,

Everyone "looking at this calmly and objectively" thinks something similar to the Brexit could happen in the U.S., she said.


"I think if the elites — what I call the wrist-flickers — are just dismissing that. 'Oh Donald Trump can never be president, oh, Brexit is so — it’s just for these unwashed rubes, these hillbillies with no teeth and long hair.' I mean that’s just unfair,” Conway added.