Close All Mosques, Ban Koran; Poll-Leading Dutch 'Freedom' Party Unveils De-Islamization Manifesto

Geert Wilders, head of the right-wing Dutch Freedom Party (PVV), launched a new manifesto that calls for the "de-Islamization" of the Netherlands" as he leads in the polls to become the next prime minister.

Titled, "The Netherlands is ours again," Wilders published the one page, 11 point screed on Thursday, highlighting the party’s hard-line positions on Islam...

The document, published ahead of a general election in March, calls for the closure of all mosques and Islamic schools, a ban on the Koran, and “no more immigrants from Islamic countries.” A ban on “Islamic headscarves” in public is also proposed, as well as the prohibition of all “Islamic expressions which violate public order.” All these measures will, Wilders argues, save the country €7.2 bn (US$8bn).

An English translation can be found here...


Millions of Dutch have had enough of the Islamization of our country. Enough of the mass immigration, asylum, terror, violence and lack of safety. Here is our plan: instead of financing the entire world and the people we do not want here, we give our money back to the common Dutch person.


This is what the PVV will do:


1) de-islamize the Netherlands

  • Zero asylum seekers and no more immigrants from Muslim countries: we are closing our borders.
  • Withdrawal of all residence permits already granted to asylum seekers; asylum seeker centers closed down.
  • No more Muslim veils in public functions
  • Ban of overall Muslim expressions that are against the public order
  • Preventive incarceration of radical Muslims
  • Criminals with double nationality stripped of their Dutch citizenship and deported
  • Syrian fighters not allowed back in The Netherlands
  • All Mosques and Muslim schools are to be closed and the Koran banned.


2) The Netherlands will reclaim its independence. Therefore, we leave the EU.


3) Direct democracy: binding referendums, citizens have the power.


4) Deductible/excess in healthcare insurance is eliminated


5) Rents to be lowered


6) Age of retirement back to 65 years old. Pensions for everyone.


7) No more money for foreign aid, windmills, art, innovation, public broadcasters, etc.


8) Past budget cuts involving care will be reversed.


9) Plenty extra funds for defense and police


10) Lower income taxes


11) 50% reduction for vehicle ownership taxes


Financial benefits per point

1. + 7.2 billion Euro
2. to be calculated at a later date
3. to be calculated at a later date
4. - ?3.7 billion Euro
?5. - 1 billion Euro
?6. - 3.5 billion Euro
7. + 10 billion Euro
?8. - 2 billion Euro
9. - ?2 billion Euro
?10. - 3 billion Euro
??11. - 2 billion Euro

As RT notes, Wilders - who we remind readers is leading the polls - is no stranger to controversy.

In 2009, Wilders was banned from the UK on public security grounds after his film “Fitna” branded the Koran a "fascist book" and linked it to terrorism, causing much controversy. An immigration tribunal ruling overturned the ban shortly after, however.


The following year, the PVV supported a minority government led by the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD). This relationship ended in 2012, however, when the PVV pulled their support over austerity measures VVD wanted to introduce.

So will NExit be next?