Norway Builds A Wall, Because Migrants

Submitted by Paul Bois via,

The Left always complains that the United States isn't more like Europe, particularly Scandinavia, and now the joke's on them because Norway now plans to build a border wall to halt the flow of illegal migrants pouring in from Russia. 

This racist display of European white supremacy will be a 660 foot-long steel fence stretching 11 feet high and will run from the Storskog border crossing on the Norway-Russia border.

According to Lifezette, "5,500 migrants, primarily from Syria, came into Norway last year."

Though some Refugee Welcome groups view the wall as "a very negative signal," others see it as a much-needed remedy to an ongoing problem. 

Just last year, nearly 23,000 migrants applied for refugee status in Norway, which dropped a whopping 95 percent in 2016 when the government put in place stricter border control measures. 

"The gate and the fence are responsible measures," Deputy Justice Minister Ove Vanebo told Reuters.

The Norwegian government predicts the fence will be finished sometime before this coming winter.