Is This What America's "Objective Media" Looks Like?

In between coughing fits, Hillary Clinton decided to grace the press corps with her presence this morning... and this was the grinning happy-clappy response she faced...

As one Twitter wit noted "Andrea Mitchell looks like she's watching her daughter's violin recital."


Not a furrowed brow (really, your pay-to-play emails while at State were all just coincidents?) or rubbed chin (really, you didn't know what the "c" meant?) among them.

Of course, Hillary should have no concerns about her 'acceptance' of the media on her campaign plane. As notes, the candidate’s relationship with the press seems to resemble that of a wise old lunch lady and the giddy school children she tickles on a regular basis.

The media’s riotous laughter is a dead giveaway. Is Hillary Clinton funny? (No, she is not.) It’s the fake enthusiasm when Hillary says, “I’ve been just waiting for this moment” (she hasn’t) — just another example of her natural inclination to lie. In reality, the former secretary of state was (apparently) so stressed out that she ultimately succumbed to another coughing fit before retreating to the front section of the plane.