Hillary Walks Away From Concussion Question As Press Avoids Emails, Clinton Foundation

In what was dubbed a "softball" first press conference for Hillary Clinton after 278 days of silence, the Democratic presidential candidate was never asked about her controversial private email server or her family's foundation. 

Clinton addressed reporters on the tarmac in Westchester, N.Y., at a podium in front of her warming up airplane. She was asked six questions over 15 minutes about the tightening polls in the presidential race, and whether she believed she was being treated different in the race because she is a woman. A roar from the auxiliary power unit of the Clinton campaign's Boeing 737 plane served as a loud backdrop to the brief press conference availability.

Clinton was also asked about Trump’s comments the night before on foreign policy. 

However, while the topics of the email server or the foundation were clearly taboo, one reported tried to bring up a relevant question about her health. As the Daily Mail reports, Hillary Clinton dodged a question on Thursday about FBI interview notes that showed her attributing memory lapses to a 2012 concussion.

'Can you clarify what you told the FBI about your concussion?' DailyMail.com asked as Clinton walked away from her podium on the tarmac in White Plains, N.Y. 'Read the reports,' she responded, offering no explanation.

As the Mail adds, the question and answer were not heard in network TV broadcasts or Internet live-feeds since they occurred away from microphones.

As a reminder, the first set of notes released by the FBI from Clinton's July 2 FBI interview suggested that she was unable to remember some security briefings, and whether she was advised on how to correctly preserve records when she was leaving the State Department, because of complications from a fall that resulted in a blood clot in her brain.

'In December of 2012, Clinton suffered a concussion and then around the New Year had a blood clot,' the FBI's report read, summarizing what she told the agency. 'Based on her doctor's advice, she could only work at State for a few hours a day and could not recall every briefing she received,' the FBI report added. 

A Clinton campaign aide has told Reuters that she brought up the concussion to explain, in part, why she was not working full days following her injury – and claimed she not saying she had suffered from memory loss.  Clinton herself, however, has been silent on the subject.

* * *

Trump's assessment of Hillary was prompt, criticizing Hillary Clinton for a "disastrous" news conference. 

"Hillary just gave a disastrous news conference on the tarmac to make up for poor performance last night," Trump tweeted, referring to the presidential forum Wednesday night on NBC News. "She's being decimated by the media."

* * *

Finally, providing some additional mystery, earlier today Hillary's nemesis Matt Drudge tweeted an unconfirmed suggestion that "Hillary reporters knew they would be kicked off her plane if they ask anything challenging."

While that allegation remains unproven, and will be prompted by branded as the latest Drudge "conspiracy theory", judging by the severity of the questions, he may have a point.