Vanderbilt University Name Placards For Faculty Offices Will Now Include "Preferred Pronouns"

A few weeks back we warned that Princeton University was fed up with people using "gender binary" hate speech like "freshman" (see "Princeton University Kindly Requests You Stop Using "Gender-Binary" Hate Speech Like "Freshman"") and had released an official guide on how to develop "gender-inclusive" speech. 

Now it seems as though the lunacy of the educated elitists in New England is spreading like an infectious disease to schools south of the Mason-Dixon line.  As pointed out by the Daily Caller, Vanderbilt University's "Faculty Senate Gender Inclusivity Task Force" recently started posting the following flyers around campus urging students and faculty to announce their "preferred pronouns" when introducing themselves. 

Offer your name and pronoun in faculty meetings, committees, and other spaces where students may not be present

  • “I’m Steve and I use he/him/his pronouns. What should I call you?”
  • “My pronouns are they/them/theirs. May I ask yours?”

People who "identify" as "gender-fluid" are encouraged to use newly created pronouns "Ze/Zir/Zirs" or "Ze/Hir/Hirs."  We have absolutely no clue what that means and have exactly 0 interest in trying to figure it out so if you desire more info then you're on your own.

Finally, students and staff are encouraged to admit when they make a gender assessment mistake and learn from it for the next encounter.

Graciously accept correction. Apologize and learn for next time.


Take initiative. Do not expect others to remind you of their name and pronouns.


"Thank you for reminding me. I apologize and will use the correct name and pronoun for you in the future.”

Couldn't correcting someone be considered a "micro-aggression" under certain circumstances? 



And while we were trying to holdout hope that this lunacy was somehow reserved to some small fringe elements of campus and didn't reflect the view of the unspoken majority of sane individuals at Vandy...the following tweet came along, showing that name placards around campus will now include "preferred pronouns", and crushed our nice, cozy "safe place."


What more is there to say?