15 Years After Sept 11, A Blast From The Past: "Anti-Soviet Warrior Puts His Army On The Road To Peace"

On the 15th year anniversary of September 11, a great number of questions about what - and why - happened that morning in 2001, remain unanswered and probably will forever, We don't intend to provide any new or great knowledge on a topic that will dominate today's airwaves (readers can watch the memorial service dedicated to Sept 11 at the following link), however, we do want to point out another, less popular, aspect of journalistic history: an article from 1993, in which the Independent's Robert Fisk profiles an "Anti-Soviet warrior" who "puts his army on the road to peace."

The "peace warrior" was of course Osama bBn Laden, who 8 years later would be held responsible by the US government for the worst terrorist attack on US soil in history. This makes Osama the first "vetted" moderate rebel to turn against the (CIA's) hand that fed him for years, leading to countless other US-funded and equipped "freedom and peace" fighters across the years who would ultimately attack the very US that made their militant aspirations possible. One almost wonders why the US continues to wage war against itself. Is it sheer incompetence (and with such Secretaries of State as Kerry And Clinton, this is a distinct possibility), or just a trigger-happy Military Industrial Complex which, if unable to wage war against a foreign target, is just as happy to turn against America's own people.

Just as importantly, we hope this particular 1993 "report" will remind readers to always take anything, and everything, written by the global media, with a grain of salt.

The full article can be found here "Anti-Soviet warrior puts his army on the road to peace: The Saudi businessman who recruited mujahedin now uses them for large-scale building projects in Sudan."