Poor Demand For 3, 10 Year Paper Ahead Of Brainard Speech

Nobody was expecting strong auctions into today's double issuance of 3 and 10Y paper (despite a near-fails repo rate on the 10Year), and nobody got them.

Moments ago, the Treasury announced it sold $24 billion in 3 Year paper and $20 billion in 10 Year paper, both of which were sold in weak auctions, with the 10 Year tailing the When Issued 1.691% by 0.8 bps, printing at 1.699% at a 2.35 Bid to Cover, in line with recent averages. More notable was the jump in the Dealer bid which rebounded from 20.2% to 34.5%, as Indirects declined from last month's near record 72.2%. Notably, the Direct bid in the 10Y auction was only 3.4%, the lowest since 2011 as US financial institutions and retail buyers decided to step away from this one.

The 3 Year was likewise unremarkable, and while it did not tail, printing 0.2bps inside the 0.949% WI, or 0.947%, it too saw a derop in the Bid to Cover, which declined from 2.984 to 2.773. Indirect Bidders took down 54.8% of the auction, down from 56.9% last month and the 53.4% 6MMA. Dealers were left with 40.5% while Directs also tumbled to 4.7%, this one was the lowest since 2007.

Overall, with a potentially hawkish Brainard due any second, it was no surprise that demand for either auction was poor.