FBI Raids Building In Elizabeth, NJ

Just hours after a bomb explosion took place during a robotic attempt to disarm a home-made bomb after investigators uncovered five suspicious devices at a train station in Elizabeth, NJ, the FBI launched a raid at a building in Elizabeth.

Sept. 19, 2016: Elizabeth train station where device was found

Undercover agents and members of the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force were taking part in the raid in an apartment above a restaurant, roughly one mile from the train station. Bomb dogs went from car to car and trash can to trash can along a residential street. It was unclear whether they found any possible suspects, or if the apartment belongs to the named suspect, the Afghani-born, naturalized US citizen Ahmad Khan Rahami, or if he has any connection to the raid.

As Reuters adds, the FBI was searching a location in Elizabeth, New Jersey, on Monday morning, the mayor said, after authorities detonated an explosive device left at a train station in the city, one of as many as five potential bombs found at the site.

"The FBI is executing a search warrant," Elizabeth Mayor Christian Bollwage said on CNN. "They will be there for the next few hours, going through this location to find any evidence possible, whether it's in relation to this incident or the Chelsea incident."

The suspicious devices turned up in a backpack near the train station Sunday night. One exploded when a bomb squad robot tried to disarm it. The discovery came a day after an explosion in Manhattan injured 29 people and an unexploded pressure-cooker device was found four blocks away, although investigators would not say whether the incidents were believed to be linked.

As reported earlier, Elizabeth Mayor Christian Bollwage said two men called police and reported seeing wires and a pipe coming out of the package after finding it in a trash can around 8:30 p.m.

Media at the scene reported hearing a loud explosion and smelling gunpowder at around 12:40 a.m. Monday after Bollwage said earlier that the Union County bomb squad’s robotic device indicated that the package could’ve been a live bomb. There was no report of injuries following the explosion. Bollwage said the FBI and state police would decide how to remove the devices.