San Francisco State Builds Segregated Dorms Where African-Americans Can "Safely Live And Talk"

A long time ago, like 10 whole years ago before anyone had yet uttered the phrase "safe space", college was a place where young adults went to be challenged academically and immersed in culture.  Today, we seem to trending in the exact opposite direction with dissenting opinions strictly forbidden and frequently even labeled as "hate speech" and/or acts of "micro-aggression", if you prefer.    

Oddly enough, the latest trend, at least in California, is self-imposed segregation.  According to CBS, SFSU, upon demands of the Black Student Union, will be building dorms on campus specifically for black students who don't currently feel like they have a place where they can "safely live and talk about issues affecting African-Americans."  SFSU is joining Cal State LA, UC Davis and Berkeley which have already announced similar plans to offer segregated housing dedicated to black students. While these housing options are technically open to all students, they’re billed and used as arrangements in which black students can live with one another.

Now, campus officials are responding to demands from the Black Student Union to create a new space on campus where students can safely live and talk about issues affecting African-Americans.

SF State spokesman Jonathan Morales said, “We want to be pro-active responding to some of the issues that have been brought out by the Black Lives Matter movement and we want to work with our student leaders in the Black Student Union and other students of color organizations to make sure that our living and learning community here is inclusive…”

So, if we understand Morales correctly, SFSU wants to create an "inclusive" living and learning community by promoting segregation?  Seems reasonable.


SFSU is no stranger to racially-charged encounters.  Back in the Spring, the following video went viral after a BLM protester attacked a white student because she didn't think he should be wearing dreadlocks. 


Clearly this is a very oppressive campus where African-American students have to live in constant fear for their safety.