Washington Mall Shooter Caught: Suspect Is 20 Year Old Turkish Immigrant

Following last night's shooting at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, WA mall, when an unidentified gunman killed 5 then managed to slip away from authorities for nearly 24 hours, moments ago the Washington State Patrol tweeted that the shooter has, after a daylong manhunt, been captured.

The man was arrested without incident, and is in custody, said Sgt. Keith Leary, of the Washington State Patrol.

Below is a photo of the arrest courtesy of Q13fox

As reported early this morning, the suspect fled the Cascade Mall after the deadly shooting at Macy’s. The motive behind his shooting is still not yet known. Authorities have not identified the victims, but local media said they ranged in age from mid-teens to mid-90s, and included a mother and her daughter.

While the police previously described the mall shooter as Hispanic, the suspected gunman, Arcan Cetin of Oak Harbor, Washington, is originally from Turkey. Police said he was taken into custody without incident in Oak Harbor, some 30 miles (48 km) southwest of Burlington where the shooting occurred on Friday night.

Police described Cetin's demeanor when apprehended as "zombie like," and said he was unarmed.  According to his facebook profile, Cetin was born in the Turkish city of Adana, but the police described his status as that of a "legal, permanent resident" in the United States.

Several photos of Cetin's Myspace page were released on twitter, suggesting he had a fascination with weapons:

Some more of his facebook pictures:

And then there was this odd tweet from January 2015:

... followed by this one from April, 2015

Police said what motivated Cetin's rampage remains unclear. The FBI said while they had no indication the attack was a "terrorism act," it could not be ruled out