Sweden Creates 55 "No-Go Zones" As It Loses Control Of Refugee Crisis

As migrants continue to flow into Europe, certain cities across the continent have seemingly lost their ability to maintain law and order amid a surge in violent crime.  The level of violence within the so-called "no-go zones" has risen to a level such that even the police have abandoned efforts to control the streets.  According to RT, one particular example is Sweden's third-largest city of Malmo where more than 70 cars were set on fire by arsonists over the past several days.  Meanwhile, authorities noted that offenses range from vandalism to drug crimes, sexual assaults and gun violence. 

Per recent media reports, there are now as many as 55 “no-go zones” spread throughout several Swedish cities where the police have little to no ability to control rising violence.  The surging violence is putting a huge burden on over-worked police officers who are reportedly choosing to quit the force in record numbers.  Per RT:

“We have a major crisis. Many colleagues are choosing to quit,” police officer Peter Larsson told the Norwegian broadcaster NRK. “A drastically worsened working environment means many colleagues are now looking for other work.”

Recently the city of Malmo faced a string of arsons in which 16 vehicles were torched across the several neighborhoods in just one night.  As fire commander, Magnus Johansson, noted the rising violence is exhausting public resources and making it impossible to service the needs of Swedish citizens.

“All our stations are overloaded and the whole of the Malmo force is out extinguishing the car fires,” fire commander Magnus Johansson told SVT. “It is a burden for our organization, but also for other people who really need our help,” he added.


The burning of cars continued into the early hours of Friday morning, with a further 11 vehicles torched. A total of nine neighborhoods were affected by the arson attacks.

No Go Zones


Meanwhile the Hungarian government recently introduced a website that alleged that as many as 900 "no-go zones" exist in major cities across Europe.  The website also warned against mandatory European quotas that only serve to "increase the terrorist risk in Europe."

"The mandatory European quotas increase the terrorist risk in Europe and imperil our culture.


Illegal migrants cross the borders unchecked, so we do not know who they are and what their intentions are. We do not know how many of them are disguised and may be terrorists.


Those who come to the EU illegally do not respect our laws and do not want to share common cultural values.


If we do not act, we will not recognize Europe in a few decades.”

The Hungarian government has long rejected a mandatory quota for the resettlement of migrants and refugees with the Prime Minister calling for border walls to be built along the Bulgarian and Macedonian borders with Greece. 

No Go Zones


As rising immigration has become a political hot-topic across Europe, many elected officials have dismissed the existence of "no-go zones."  Meanwhile, Ingrid Carlqvist, editor-in-chief of Swedish newspaper Dispatch International, told RT that terminology used to describe rising violence is "just semantics" but the fact remains that there are certain areas where "when the police come there, they will get stoned and people will try to set fire to police cars and so on."

No, it’s not. This is just semantics. The Swedish authorities don’t want to call them ‘no-go zones.’ They think that ‘no -go zones’ is place where no one can enter. But that is not what normal people mean. They mean that the ambulances can’t go there without police escort. When the police come there, they will get stoned and people will try to set fire to police cars and so on. They are lawless areas – and that is what people call ‘no-go zones’. No normal person would ever go inside there.


But what we see here is that people in these areas, the people who live there, who are mostly Muslims are actually saying this. When Swedish journalists go in there, they just tell them to “f*** off,” because this is not Sweden. They are trying to impose Sharia law in these areas and they are doing a good job about it. The police could do things: they could go in there and just stop all of it when they set fire to the cars and when they throw stones, they could do something. But the longer they wait, the more impossible this job will be of course, because now we have at least 55 of these zones in Sweden.

But we thought Angela Merkel made it very clear that "we can do this."