This Is What Trump Should Do In The Second Debate

Last night's debate has sparked a tsunami of conversations over who won, who looked more presidential, who coughed more, and who had bigger hands. What is more useful, however, is what can the candidates learn from this debate. Here are three readers' comments that summed up perfectly what trump should do in the second debate.

"The_Dude" was disappointed but had some useful questions for Trump to ask...

Do your homework Donald!  This isn't a game...


Does this guy prep at all or is he trying to throw it?


Question: Internet play into her hand discussing Russia and you don't fucking mention her server.


Question: Policing...she talks "training" cops...and you don't raise the issue of Fed overreach into local police forces?


Question: Iran..took him 3/4 if his time before mentioning $150B that will be used to build them nukes?


Question: Your taxes...hmm...I can show mine. about we discuss the taxes of the Clinton Foundation and misappropriation?


Question: Your business bankruptcy...shit happens, let's talk about how this cunt made $150M without even having a business.


I could go on and on. ..WTF!!!!!!!!!


PS...Donald. next time Lester says anything outside of a question,  point out to him that it is not his fucking job.

But "VinceFostersGhost" offers a less aggressive suggestion of what the Trump casmpaign should do between now and the next debate...

Fuck all these skewed polls. The debate didn't matter, and it didn't change anyone's mind. That said, Hillary was well prepared for Trump, while Trump performed as if didn't prepare at all. Hillary kept Trump on the defensive all night long. Trump defends his ego against anything that makes him look small, and Hillary used that character flaw against him.


Trump should have been hammering the Clintons (that's right, Hillary and Bill) on putting Wall Street in change of America's economy, but he spent far too much time defending himself, so he didn't get that message out. Bernie Sanders proved that going after Hillary's being in Goldman Sachs' pocket was the most effective way to keep her on the ropes. When Sanders let up on those Wall Street attacks, his campaign, that had been succeeding against all the odds, crashed and burned.


Trump needs to paint the Clintons as the tag team that gave the country away to the banksters, and forced 76% of Americans into living a paycheck to paycheck lives. The Clintons allowed the banksters to steal not just the interest on our savings, but our savings in total, our pensions, our homes, our futures, and our children's children's futures. Proving this should not be difficult for Trump to do, if he would just spend more time exposing the Wall Street criminals, that own the Clintons, and less time defending his ego.

But "sessinpo" sees the endgame...

The country is already lost. The simple fact is we have a national debt that is unrepayable and no potus can change that.


Even if every current politician were removed, the FRB system were audited and changed, it would not change the fact we have an unrepayable debt and based upon that, a doomed us dollar. So many would agree that thrid world status is inevitable for this nation yet they still think trump can change that. That is not an awake person. That is a person frustrated and desperate. Some are just wanting trump for spite, to get those corrupt people that have destroyed this nation and I understand that. I want them punished too.


But if you are awake, you know where america is heading and you have been preparing no matter who is potus.

GOP republicans, unhappy with Trump's lack of preparedness, quipped what Trump should have hammered Hillary on, courtesy of The HIll:

“Trump got off to a good start, but it was obvious he wasn't prepared,” one House Republican who publicly supports Trump told The Hill. “His performance was scattered. He didn't drive home [questions about Clinton’s] honesty and missed great opportunities.”


“He only mentioned her email scandal once,” the GOP lawmaker lamented.


“There is no better question to be able to pivot on when she completely failed on her own cybersecurity when she was secretary of State,” added Rep. Rodney Davis (R-Ill.). Davis, who backed Trump after he won the nomination, said the businessman should have done a better job prosecuting foreign policy failures that occurred while her husband, Bill Clinton, was president and while she was running the State Department.


If Hillary Clinton is trying to own the successes of the Bill Clinton presidency, she’s gonna have to own the failures," Davis said. "And a complete failure was negotiating with North Korea.”


“Those are two points I think [Trump] could have hit and he didn’t,” Davis continued. “And I think he took things a little too personal and missed a lot of opportunities to make very good debate points that could have scored him much higher in the eyes of the American public.” 


“I wish that he’d say something, stick with it, and then move on to something else instead of saying the same thing over and over and over,” Salmon said in an interview Tuesday without giving specific examples. “It was just throughout the entire debate.”


Speaker Paul Ryan who has denounced Trump’s comments on Muslims, Mexicans and white supremacists, argued that Trump “met expectations” and gave a “spirited argument” against Democrats’ tired policies.


Other Republicans on Capitol Hill argued that their constituents had crowned Trump the winner of Monday’s 90-minute debate, regardless of what Beltway pundits were saying. “Most of my constituents have said that Trump won based solely on one recurring theme: ‘You have been there for 30 years and nothing has changed,’ ” Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), a member of the ultraconservative Freedom Caucus, told The Hill. “It expressed their frustration with nothing but talk occurring in Washington, D.C."

Then there was FBR analyst Benjamin Salibury who points out that while birtherism was closely covered last night, key topics were notably missing from the debate:

Mr. Trump questioned the independence of the Federal Reserve in last night’s debate, but did seem to support a “low for longer” interest rate environment. We have argued that a Clinton presidency would allow more consistency among the Fed's leadership, allowing it to continue accommodative monetary policy—and viewed as more positive by the market...The debate was almost as notable for what was not covered as for what was covered: Healthcare, immigration, veterans, labor, and homeland security were not mentioned in any meaningful way.

If you have your own opinions of what you would ask the candidates...


Finally we leave it to Dilbert creator Scott Adams, who notes that the most interesting question has to do with what problem both of them were trying to solve with the debate.

Clinton tried to look healthy, and as I mentioned, I don’t think she completely succeeded.


But Trump needed to solve exactly one problem: Look less scary. Trump needed to counter Clinton’s successful branding of him as having a bad temperament to the point of being dangerous to the country. Trump accomplished exactly that…by…losing the debate.


Trump was defensive, and debated poorly at points, but he did not look crazy. And pundits noticed that he intentionally avoided using his strongest attacks regarding Bill Clinton’s scandals. In other words, he showed control. He stayed in the presidential zone under pressure. And in so doing, he solved for his only remaining problem. He looked safer.


By tomorrow, no one will remember what either of them said during the debate. But we will remember how they made us feel.


Clinton won the debate last night. And while she was doing it, Trump won the election. He had one thing to accomplish – being less scary – and he did it.


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