Live Feed: NJ Transit Commuter Train Crashes Into Hoboken Station: 1 Dead, 2 Critical, Up To 100 Injured

At least 1 person is confirmed dead and 2 remain in critical condition as "approximately 100" other passengers were injured after a New Jersey Transit commuter train derailed and crashed into the Hoboken Station this morning around 8:45AM.  The train reportedly did not slow down as it approached the end of line in Hoboken causing it to jump tracks and crash into the station.

The terminal reportedly sustained major structural damage as initial images from the station indicate that a section of the roof collpased leaving passengers trapped under debris.

New Jersey Transit confirmed the incident involved train number 1614 on the Pascack Valley Line, which left Spring Valley, N.J. at 7:23 a.m. bound for Hoboken and apparently was running late.

The train had about five or six carriages and was not full because many passengers exit at Secaucus.

The cause of the accident was not immediately clear but NTSB officials are on the scene conducting an investigation.

Linda Albelli, 62, told Reuters, she was sitting in her seat in one of the rear cars when the train approached the station. She said she knew something was wrong a moment before the impact. Passengers helped each other off the train and onto the platform. They ultimately had to cross the tracks to get to safety, she said: "When we got on the platform there was nowhere to go. The ceiling had come down." The injured sat on benches in the station while they waited for first responders, said Albelli, who lives in Closter, New Jersey. She did not know how many had been hurt.

Several people who were on the train tweeted they felt "lucky to be alive."

All PATH service at the Hoboken station is suspended.

CBS Live Feed:


One passenger recounted the crash to CNN:

"It definitely didn't slow down. There was no brakes. All of a sudden, it just crashed. Something happened obviously. ... It's the same feeling as when you get in a car crash."


He said the train's conductor "told everyone there was a crash, and said if you're hurt, stay in the train."


"I got off and looked at the train and ... saw a man who had blood just running down his arm. He was wearing a suit and blood was just gushing."