Newspapers Shun Trump - Not A Single Endorsement From Top 100

We're just about 1 month away from the 2016 Presidential election and so far it looks as though Trump has managed to secure -1 (yes, that's negative 1) endorsements from America's top 100 newspapers.  Perhaps these newspapers are worried about getting "shadowbanned" from twitter for publicly supporting the republican nominee, which we pointed out recently happened to Dilbert creator, Scott Adams.

According to data compiled by The Hill, Hillary has managed to pick up 17 endorsements so far while Johnson has secured 3, in spite of his numerous recent gaffes.  Meanwhile, the USA Today, which typically doesn't endorse candidates, threw their hat in the ring for anyone except Trump and "Tulsa World," decided that "none of the above" would be the best option.

Of course, the top 100 papers, like most media, has tended to skew toward democratic candidates in recent history.  Obama received 56% of the endorsements in 2012 versus 44% for Romney and 73% in 2008 versus only 27% for McCain.

That said, -1 would be a "yuuuge" record if it holds.

Per The Hill, here's where the top 100 newspapers currently stand: