Top Military Aide Used Taxpayer Credit Card For "Improper Interactions" On "Hooker Hill"

According to a recently completed Pentagon investigation, Major General Ron Lewis, former senior military aide to Defense Secretary Ash Carter, allegedly used his taxpayer provided credit card for "excessive drinking" binges and "improper interactions" with women in clubs from Rome to Seoul.  As it turns out, the Major General knows how to party, sometimes spending nearly $2,000 in a single night...if the military thing doesn't work out it sounds like Lewis would fit in very well on Wall Street.

According to the Associated Press, the inspector general's report found that Lewis (pictured below on right) improperly used his government-issued credit card, lied to a bank to get charges removed and said he was guilty of conduct unbecoming an officer, a violation of the code of military justice.  A full report on the investigation was set to be released to the public today.

"The Army takes allegations of misconduct seriously and demands all senior leaders, regardless of rank, uphold the highest standards of moral character and competence," said Army spokesman Col. Pat Seiber.



One of Lewis' benders included an $1,800 night out at Italy's "Cica Cica Boom" club in Rome.  While Lewis described the club as a "high-end establishment with a respectable clientele that had a DJ, a bar area and a dance floor where couples were dancing," a quick look at the website paints a slightly different picture.  Call us crazy, but that looks like a strip club.

CicaCica Boom


In a rebuttal letter to the Pentagon, Lewis said he tried to use his personal debit card at Cica Cica Boom, but it didn't work, so he had to walk back to his hotel with a female employee of the club, to get his government card to pay the bill. 

Here is the street view "Cica Cica Boom" which is conveniently located right next door to the Caprice Hotel. 

CicaCica Boom


In Korea, the Pentagon report found that Lewis spent $1,121.25 at an establishment called "Candy Bar" conveniently located in an area of Seoul known as "Hooker Hill."  According to CNN, the receipt included an 81% tip...must have been really good service.  

While Lewis claims the charges were fraudulent and had them reversed by the bank, the inspector general's report apparently had reason to believe otherwise.

According to CNN, many establishments in Seoul's "Hooker Hill" area have been declared off limits for military personnel because of their ties to illicit activities such as prostitution.

Candy Bar


Apparently Lewis learned nothing from his years of hanging with political types...if you're going to engage in illicit activities you can't leave a paper trail...might we suggest a little BleachBit next time?