Two Boxes Of Hillary Emails Mysteriously Disappear

Buried deep in the FBI's latest 189-page summary of witness interviews is yet another startling revelation that seemingly points to potential evidence tampering in the Hillary email scandal.  Per the following interview with a State Department witness who worked in the Office of Information Programs and Services (IPS), IPS was originally instructed to pick up 14 boxes of email records from Hillary's office in Friendship Heights back in 2015.  That said, IPS was subsequently informed that the email boxes would need to be picked up at the offices of Hillary's attorneys at Williams & Connolly.  Oddly, when IPS actually arrived to pickup the email records, there were only 12 boxes.  When asked about the discrepancy, the IPS officials said they were not sure "what could have happened to the two other boxes."



According to Fox News, Clinton’s chief lawyer at Williams & Connolly, who leads all Clinton-related legal matters, is David Kendall.  Kendall has represented the Clintons on their many scandals dating back to the 1980’s, ranging from the former president’s sex scandals to missing billing records for Hillary Clinton’s work as a partner in The Rose Law Firm on behalf of the failed Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan and Capital Management Services.

"Oddly", IPS officials also told the FBI they were unable to locate any emails from January - April 2009.  Of course, that is a relevant time period because it's the first couple of months after Hillary was appointed Secretary of State and would have covered the period during which decisions were made to establish the now-infamous private email server.



Finally, as Fox News further points out, the FBI interviews include numerous references to State Department officials, including Patrick Kennedy, applying pressure to subordinates to change classified email codes so they would be shielded from Congress and the public.



But certainly none of this adds up to intent according to the FBI...just a series of unrelated events and circumstantial evidence that "no reasonable prosecutor" would attempt to prosecute.

Relevant FBI notes here:


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