French MEPs Introduce “You-Tube Tax” To Maintain “Virtuous Circle Of Financing Creation”

Submitted by Michael Shedlock via,

French MEPs (Members of European Parliament) introduced a proposal to create a “virtuous circle of financing creation” via a “You-Tube Tax” on online advertising.

My counter proposal is a high tax on politicians, political activities, and of course socialists.


Via translation, please consider French MEPs Vote for a “YouTube Tax” on Advertising Online Videos.

MPs voted in committee on Wednesday for an amendment to introduce a tax on advertising revenue of the sites that make available free and premium Internet video content.


Nicknamed “fee YouTube“, this tax will be voted upon again during consideration of the bill finances in session for adoption.


The amendment proposed by MPs PS Karine Berger, Bruno Le Roux and Pierre-Alain Mute, fixed the tax at 2% of total sales and business subscriptions or advertising revenue and sponsorship.


A schedule of 10% is expected for sites displaying works “pornographic or inciting violence.”


The fee is part of the ‘virtuous circle’ of funding project.

Question of the Day

When does France go after Google’s free translation service?

I repeat my counter-proposal: Put a high tax on politicians, political activities, and of course the socialists who think they know better how to spend your money than you do.