Clinton Escalates Attacks Against Russia's "Direct Assault On Our Democracy"

Faced with increasing criticism over her leaked emails, the Clinton campaign is doing what they always do when a scandal strikes, namely, gathering all of their minions in various branches of the federal government and mainstream media outlets to organize a coordinated retaliation effort.  If we could see Hillary's most recent emails we're sure Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri even distributed a memo to summarize the "hits" due from each participant...we would imagine it probably looks something like this:

~  Mainstream Media Deliverables

Russia - Relentlessly hammer Russian involvement in the Hillary email hacks every second of every day (despite the fact there is no actual evidence).  Link the Russian "cyber attacks" to a blatant attempt to disrupt the election process and highlight it as a threat to U.S. national security and the foundations of our democracy.

WikiLeaks -  Continue to hammer WikiLeaks as an international terrorist organization and an extension of the Russian government.

Trump - Continue to hype Trump business dealings in Russia and roll out at least 1 new sexual assault accuser per day, more is better but at least 1 per day.

Obama Administration Deliverables

CIA -  Rally the CIA to begin looking into potential retaliatory cyber attacks against Russia. 

Media Coordination - Work with the folks in the media, Chuck Todd has been granted the first interview, to create fear and panic among the electorate that Russia is working behind the scenes to topple our democracy.

~  DNC Deliverables

-  Democrat House Members -  Just say "Russia" over and over all the time.

-  Donna Brazile - We need you 100% focused on working your magic to secure advanced drafts of debate questions. 

~  FBI/DOJ - You've both done an excellent job already...take a break and know that your efforts will be remembered when we get to the White House

While that may not be the exact wording of the memo (Palmieri is a more elegant wordsmith), we would imagine it's directionally accurate.  In the meantime, we should all just ignore the contents of the emails...nothing to see their folks.  Moreover, we should also ignore the fact that Hillary is the one that actually risked our national security by establishing an unsecure email server in the first place and proceeding to use it for distributing classified emails.

HIllary Putin


While not as detailed as ours, here is The Hill's rendition of how the Clinton campaign recently handled what was described as a "blistering conference call with reporters" in which Hillary and her team scolded the media for failing to launch effective counter attacks to protect her from her own email scandal.

The Clinton campaign gathered its top national security advisers for a blistering conference call with reporters on Friday, framing the email dump as a provocative cyber-attack by foreign adversaries with ties to terror groups.


The advisers described the hacks as unprecedented interference in the U.S. election that threatens the nation’s sovereignty, and warned there would be “consequences” for the hackers and potentially the “Russian state actors” supporting them.


The campaign lashed out at Trump, arguing he is encouraging the behavior. They questioned whether he and his advisers, driven by their own foreign business interests, have conspired to aid the Russians.


And Clinton’s allies fumed at the media’s coverage of the leaked emails, saying the focus has been on trivial political minutia rather than the national security implications.

The Clinton campaign arguing they're being treated unfairly by the mainstream media...that's rich.

Meanwhile, the Clinton camp has also gathered a group of national security advisors to express their faux outrage over Russian attempts to launch a "direct assault on our democracy."

“What’s frustrating to me as someone involved with the media over the years — each little detail gets out in the press but the whole story, all these little pieces of the puzzle, are not put together in a way that educates the American people about the significance of this act of cyber-sabotage,” said Jamie Rubin, a national security adviser to Clinton.


“I’m not saying this as a Democrat or a Republican. I’m not saying this as someone who has endorsed Hillary Clinton. I’m saying this as someone who cares deeply about our national security,” said former CIA acting director Mike Morell. “I’m simply enraged by these Russian hacks.”


“It shakes me to my core,” Morell said. “This is a direct assault on our democracy. It’s a direct assault on how we choose our leaders. And quite frankly, I can’t think of a more serious issue at the moment than Russia trying to interfere in our election.”

While most of the electorate that is actually conscious will recognize the massive, organized propaganda efforts of the Clinton campaign to cover up yet another scandal we're sure that 12 out of 10 registered democrats will still show up on election day to show their support for Hillary.