Podesta Emails Reveal Hillary Planned Obama "Hit" For Cocaine Use In 2008 Campaign

Remember in the 2nd Presidential debate when Hillary stole Michelle Obama's line saying "when they go low, we go high."  It was hard to miss it as the mainstream media replayed it over and over for several days after the debate.


But new Podesta emails show that a better slogan might have been "when they go low, we get high."  Despite repeatedly claiming the "high road," the following email from Neera Tanden, head of the liberal think tank Center for American Progress, clearly shows the Clinton campaign organized a below-the-belt hit on Obama back in 2007 over his admitted cocaine use.

Perhaps even more important is Neera's scathing assessment of Hillary's "instincts" which she describes as "suboptimal."  Something tells us that could get Neera in a bit of trouble in the not too distant future.



The email references the following exchange between back in 2007 on MSNBC when Democratic strategist Mark Penn repeatedly brought up the word "cocaine" causing Joe Trippi to nearly lose his mind.

PENN:  Well, I think we have made clear that the -- the issue related to cocaine use is not something that the campaign was in any way raising. And I think that has been made clear. I think this kindergarten thing was a joke after Senator...


TRIPPI: This guy`s been filibustering on this. He just said cocaine again. It`s like...


PENN: I think you`re saying cocaine.


In fact, new polling data discovered among Podesta's emails from 2007 even reveals that the Clinton campaign tested the "cocaine hit" with potential voters...unfortunately no one seemed to care about the issue but the Clinton camp decided to take it for a spin anyway.



While an impartial media would call out candidates for claiming to "take the high road" while working behind the scenes to organize below-the-belt hits, somehow we suspect that Hillary will get a pass on this one.


And here are the full poll results from 2007: