Obama Explains That Only More Government Intervention Can Fix Obamacare: Live Webcast

In a few moments, Obama, speaking in the key battleground state of Florida, will offer his prescription how to fixing Obamacare, also known incorrectly as the Affordable Care Act, his signature healthcare law, especially as a premium surge is expected to sweep America over the next two weeks ahead of the election. However, any remedies will be left up to his successor and the next Congress. Battling a barrage of negative headlines about rising health insurance premiums and shrinking doctor networks for people participating in the program, Obama is urging more young, uninsured people to sign up for the subsidized insurance plans offered under the law.

He also wants to encourage lawmakers to create a government-run health insurance option to help U.S. states where there is little or no competition among private insurers, also known as a "public option."  According to White House spokesman Josh Earnest "that added competition in all 50 states would, we believe, have the effect of further challenging private health insurance companies to improve their offerings and reduce their prices."

In other words, the administration proposes to fix a problem that was created due to government intervention with even more government intervention.

Also, we expect Obama to field many questions on last night's debate and the latest media outrage involving Trump, namely the admission he will only accept the election result "if he wins."

Watch it live below.