Larry Lindsey Silences CNBC: "The Most Dangerous Candidate Is The One The Media Is Paying The Least Attention To"

"Polling today isn't the way it used to be, they are not random," explains a calm Larry Lindsey to an 'innocent' CNBC anchor, before pointing out that just how biased (as we have detailed previously) the Clinton-tilted polls are.

One clever anchor retorts - seemingly proclaiming innocence (or ignorance) - "what's the incentive for the polling organizations to try and cook the books here... pretty short-sighted I would think."

Lindsey eloquently explains that "they are creating a bandwagon effect... it's pretty clear what side the news media is on here and that is something that should worry markets after the election... If Mrs. Clinton becomes President, who will keep an eye on her, on the kinds of side-deals that may be happening, on the regulatory abuses...?"

Finally, Lindsey lays the hammer, after CNBC smugly notes that he is not a Trump supporter, the director of the National Economic Council exclaimed,

"I live in a state where I have the luxury of not having to pick between two evils... and vote for Gary Johnson...


but the most important thing as people are deciding between the lesser of two evils, the real question you should be asking is, which is the most dangerous of the two evils, and that one's easy... the most dangerous evil is the one the press is not focused on..."

Sit back, relax, and watch 5 minutes of uncomfortable truths unleashed on an unsuspecting CNBC anchory...