'Clever' Clinton Camp Mocks Trump Supporters With DIY Tin Foil Hats

After Project Veritas just exposed Hillary's genius idea to launch the "Donald Ducks Releasing His Tax Returns" campaign, we get the following "Trump Tin Foil Hat" for all of the "alt-right" conspiracy theorists out there.  This is actually a very clever idea, we've seen it executed with amazing results in numerous high school student body elections.

Conspiracy 1


Of course, our favorite Hillary conspiracy theory is that one about how she's really sick...that one was great. 


Or, the one about how the Clinton Foundation is a massive pay-to-play organization that accepts donations from questionable foreign leaders.



Or, there is also that really crazy one where people allege that Hillary conspired to delete federal email records despite the existence of a Congressional subpeona. 



Perhaps Jimmy Kimmel said it best:

"You know, these conspiracy theories about Clinton's health would be a lot harder to believe if they didn't actually come true."