The Fed is Literally Broadcasting That It's Going to Let Inflation Run Wild

The biggest moves… the ones that make the MOST money in the markets are the ones no one is talking about for months.

With that in mind, you NEED to know that the Fed is going to let inflation run wild in the US.

That is not a hypothesis. In the last month we’ve had THREE different Fed officials state that they WANT inflation and that the Fed will let it run BEYOND the Fed’s target 2% rate.

First up was Chicago Fed President Charles Evans on October 11.

The U.S. Federal Reserve should engineer monetary policy to spur inflation to rise above its two-percent target because the costs of doing so are less than in past decades, Chicago Federal Reserve Bank President Charles Evans said on Tuesday.

Source: CNBC

Then came NY Fed President William Dudley on October 12.

"Inflation is a little below our target, rather than above our target, so I think we can be quite gentle as we go in terms of gradually removing monetary policy accommodation," said Dudley, a close ally of Yellen and a permanent voter on policy.

Source: Reuters

Then came Fed Chair Janet Yellen stating on October 14th.

In a further indication that the Federal Reserve will be inclined to let inflation run hot for a while, Chair Janet Yellen on Friday said it's useful to consider the benefits of a "high-pressure economy."

Source: CNBC

That’s THREE different Fed officials all offering implicit reasons NOT to hike rates but to let inflation run wild.

Scratch that… make it FOUR Fed officials…

St. Louis Federal Reserve President James Bullard said on Monday that a single U.S. interest rate rise would be all that was necessary for the time being, repeating comments he had made recently.

Source: Reuters

Folks, the Fed is LITERALLY broadcasting that it’s going to let a MAJOR monetary event happen.

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