Secret TRUTH about Russia EXPOSED

It seems the lies about Russia will be never ending.  As we explain in our book Splitting Pennies, the world doesn't work the way most people think.  We've covered this topic recently, if you haven't read this article, read it first, "Russia key player US Democrat War on Intelligence for Election:"

Point 1.  Russia didn't hack the DNC.  Listen to Putin's response here.  Or ask Guccifer - the admitted hacker of many such data hacks.

Point 2.  It's impossible for Russia to 'hack' the election and fix the results.  But, this is a meme that needs to be implanted because it's actually the DNC that's planning to fix the elections, with their establishement friends at Diebold.

In one sentence, the Establishment is using Russia as a key issue to confuse and manipulate voters on a number of levels.  MOST DISTURBINGLY, THE CURRENT DEMOCRATIC US PRESIDENT & VICE PRESIDENT ARE USING GULF OF TONKIN STYLE FALSE FLAG CYBER OPERATIONS TO CREATE A PROBLEM THAT DOESN'T EXIST, OR THAT DIDN'T EXIST BEFORE.  Why Is Obama Threatening Russia With World War 3 Right Before The Election?, and Vice President Joe Biden Announces War with Russia

Let's use this one issue to 'fact check' the lies spewing from the Mainstream Media, Establishment, and its guardians.

Here's the simple truth about RUSSIA that the US and European Elite DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW:

1. RUSSIA DOES NOT HAVE INDUSTRIAL GLOBAL WORLD CLASS CAPACITY Russia is struggling to rebuild its economy, post Soviet union and post 1998 default, the Russian economy hasn't built up many sectors that it needs; most notably - healthcare, small business, technology, financial services, banking.. it's a long list.  In fact, only a few sectors in Russia are very robust at the moment - Energy, Defense, Real Estate, and a few others.  The point is that Russia has serious issues of its own to worry about, without meddling in foreign affairs.  There is political corruption, a disfunctional tax system (they still have 'white' and 'black' salaries), a banking system from last century, consumer rights are non-existant, bankruptcy doesn't exist - they have a long way to go on their own, and they will.  Russia is evolving.  But they are very busy, very very busy with their own problems - they could care less about what happens in USA!  They are much more concerned with what happens in their backyard, Europe - especially when it comes to NATO troop or missle movements.  But they've played a cool hand, or "????????" (Détente was known in Russian as ???????? ("razryadka", loosely meaning "relaxation of tension").   

2. RUSSIA IS NOT A 'THREAT' Russia has no plans, and never will have any plans - to hack into USA, invade another country, or pose any international threat of any kind whatsoever.  Russia's military doctrine has been one of defense for hundreds of years, not 'first strike' - Russia was not a very good colonial power, unlike their European friends.  Their few 'colonies' like Alaska, ended in disaster creating more problems for Moscow than creating wealth.  If you look at the history of Russia you'll see they were a land invaded many times, by nearly every global empire in the world (with a few exceptions, like the British).  Their population was decimated multiple times, starting with the invasion of the Golden Horde, then by the Swedes in 1707, the French in 1812, the Germans in 1941, and by Stalin (who was not Russian) through domestic cleansing policy.  And by the way, Stalin killed countless times more Russians than Hitler killed Jews, but there's no statue for fallen Russians in Washington DC (or anywhere).  According to THIS BOOKUnnatural Deaths in the U.S.S.R.: 1928-1954, I.G. Dyadkin estimated that the USSR suffered 56 to 62 million "unnatural deaths" during that period, with 34 to 49 million directly linked to Stalin.  Alexander Nikolaevich Yakovlev, a Soviet politician and historian, estimated 35 million deaths.  In “Europe A History,” British historian Norman Davies counted 50 million killed between 1924-53, excluding wartime casualties.

Practically, it's impossible to know the exact number, because records also destroyed during this time, and they didn't have fancy IBM counting machines.  This huge staggering number needs to be considered by anyone talking about how Russia this and Russia that.  No European country to date comes close to the slaughter of their own people.  And this happened IN RUSSIA, not in a foreign country.  Russia has no history for invading a foreign country and slaughtering people, but SOME COUNTRIES DO.

This nonsense about Russian hackers is exagerated from a truth of reality - since the collapse of the Soviet Union, there have been a huge number of computer geniuses not only from Russia, but also from Ukraine, East Germany, Belarus, and other Baltic states and from East Europe that have been faced with extreme poverty and lack of opportunity.  They couldn't easily immigrate to USA and get jobs on Wall St. as many Russians did, they turned to what they could do - hacking.  Yes, there have been a number of hacking groups that are both Russian but also that operate from Russia simply because they are beyond the reach of US intelligence.  Russia is not the only such host of hackers, also there are countries in Asia, Africa, and South America that act as a host country for hackers (Brazil for example).  The reason for this, has nothing to do with Russia it has to do with USA enforcement of digital laws such as DCMA and in general a cleansing by US authorities of hackers on US territory (although a few arrests, it generally led to hackers going to areas where they were safer).  

For some references on the 'fake threat' from Russia here's a good place to start:

This post looks at some new evidence (adding to the overwhelming pile), and provides a contrast — showing how easily the truth could be seen.  If only the CIA had looked.

  1. New Study:  Previously Classified Interviews with Former Soviet Officials Reveal U.S. Strategic Intelligence Failure Over Decades, Posted at George Washington University’s National Security Archive, 11 September 2009.
  2. Exaggeration Of The Threat: Then And Now“, Melvin A. Goodman, The Public Record, 14 September 2009 — Summary of the above study.
  3. Robert and Virginia Heinlein visited Moscow in 1960 and discovered Russia’s population crash, then in the early stages.  The CIA discovered this 2 or 3 decades later.
  4. Articles about reforming the US intelligence apparatus
  5. For More information on the FM website and an Afterword

3. RUSSIA HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WIKILEAKS Wikileaks has been an established whistleblower service, that has released millions of documents on thousands of topics.  You can form an opinion about Wikileaks, is it political or not, a Rothschild plot, certainly - Julian Assange is not a deep undercover Russian agent.

4. RUSSIA IS A USEFUL ENEMY Terrorism doesn't have the same political bang for the buck like it did 10 years ago.  And the other problem, is that every politician in the world agrees on this issue (even Russia and USA) we need to fight Terrorism.  So, with the decline of the manufactured enemy 'terrorists' a new, more saleable enemy needs to be created for the purpose of confusing the electorate - and Russia fits the bill perfectly.  Why does it fit perfectly, you ask?  Because 1) The DOD spent billions on propoganda during the 50's and 60's indoctrinating Americans that Russia is full of 'criminals' and other such nonsense.  See the below propoganda teaser:

Many voters maybe remember these videos from their youth, although they can't recall - it's deeply implanted in their subconscious.  The DOD knows this, and so they advised the DNC to exploit it.  They've been planning this for years - decades.  Now is the grand finale.  

Just to provide modern readers with the level of insanity in that time, the US Air Force had plans to 'nuke the moon' due to fear of Russian involvement.  And as you can see in this recently declassified document, the CIA investigated for years the 'threat' of Russia and found 'NO THREAT'- but in a famous official speech by Donald Rumsfeld (a major founding father of the "Reality Based Community"), he says "Just because the CIA didn't find a threat, it doesn't mean that one doesn't exist."  Bravo, Bravo.  That is logically correct!  But highly misleading, and this isn't an excercise in logic, it's a practical excercise in security and intelligence.  In "reality" Rumsfeld was also a founding father of Washington's pay for play system.  He and a group of his peers, sold a war to Washington and to the American people:

It wasn't just this video, although for the people, they will remember such moments more than official reports.  After realizing there was no threat from Russia, they financed a "Team B:"

Team B was a competitive analysis exercise commissioned by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to analyze threats the Soviet Union posed to the security of the United States. It was created, in part, due to a 1974 publication by Albert Wohlstetter, who accused the CIA of chronically underestimating Soviet military capability. Years of National Intelligence Estimates that were later demonstrated to be very wrong was another motivating factor.

President Gerald Ford began the Team B project in May 1976, inviting a group of outside experts to evaluate classified intelligence on the Soviet Union. Team B, approved by then Director of Central Intelligence George H. W. Bush, was composed of "outside experts" who attempted to counter the positions of intelligence officials within the CIA.[1] The intelligence community was in the process of putting together its own assessment at the same time.


Team B concluded that the NIE on the Soviet Union, generated yearly by the CIA, underestimated Soviet military power and misinterpreted Soviet strategic intentions. Its findings were leaked to the press shortly after Jimmy Carter's 1976 presidential election win in an attempt to appeal to anti-communists in both parties and not appear partisan.[2][3] The Team B reports became the intellectual foundation for the idea of "the window of vulnerability" and of the massive arms buildup that began toward the end of the Carter administration and accelerated under President Ronald Reagan.[4]

And, as such is the result with any government inquiry, their initial 'hypothesis' was proved 'correct' - and this led to 20 years of a new "Cold War" and billions upon billions of dollars spent.  The Cold War was really the first 'artificial war' - and Russia - the first artificial enemy.  Unfortunately for Russia though, they had to participate in this artificial war by building real weapons, as a form of militaristic detente, and to practically to protect themselves in the event that some Rumsfeld nutjob had his hand on the red button.

In a strange twist of reality, one of Russia's most controversial politicians seems to understand US politics better than those in USA.

From Russia's March to War :

Hard to believe they truly see the world this way? Then consider last week’s comments from Russian lawmaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky:

“Americans voting for a president on November 8 must realize that they are voting for peace on Planet Earth if they vote for Trump. But if they vote for Hillary, it’s war. It will be a short movie. There will be Hiroshimas and Nagasakis everywhere.”

If you believe everything you see on TV, you might want to checkout this book: A People's History of the United States; in fact - this is a MUST READ for any investor, as it explains history from 'another' side, the side of the people.

Yes, the world really is operated based on large scale lies and public deceptions at the highest level - if you don't know this or are interested to learn more checkout this book Splitting Pennies.